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We manufacture plastic containers, as well as are engaged in sales and recycling. We have been in business since 1994.

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high quality

High quality

The plastic containers are used for storage and transportation of food and beverages. The plastic boxes comply with all technical and technological requirements (rounded corners, smooth walls ensuring an easy and proper washing, special material, etc.).

The containers are used well at various temperatures and have excellent mechanical properties.


At the company Alfainterplast you can buy high-quality and safe plastic containers, which wear well and reliably. In the photo gallery there are documents confirming that the plastic containers manufactured by Alfainterplast correspond to the state quality standards фтв international standards of quality management systems according to ISO 9001: 2015

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All plastic boxes

Our plastic boxes comply with the state quality standards and are absolutely safe and strong. We offer the manufacture of boxes for bakery products, meat products, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, berries and mushrooms, as well as for brewing, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage industry, etc.

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Plastic boxes for meat and meat products

Boxes for meat comply with the state quality standards and are environmentally-safe and strong containers. We offer the manufacture of boxes for meat, poultry, fish, minced meat or sausage products made of a special plastic, which can be used for freezing in extreme temperature conditions – up to -40º С. Dimensions ≈ 60×40 cm (height at customer’s option).

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Plastic boxes for bread and bakery products

Boxes are intended for storage and transportation of bakery products. Plastic containers from “Alfainterplast” fully comply with the requirements of the sanitary-hygienic standards for food contact. Boxes are manufactured in white, grey and yellow colors. Dimensions ≈ 60×40 cm (height at customer’s option).

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Plastic boxes for berries, fruit and vegetables

Boxes are intended for storage and transportation of berries, fruit and vegetables. The plastic boxes fully comply with the terms for food contact. Dimensions ≈ 60×40 cm (height at customer’s option).


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Plastic boxes for beer and non-alcoholic beverages

Our packaging is characterized by high-quality performance and sanitary criteria, as well as has an attractive aesthetic appearance. On the flank of the container it is possible to apply the manufacturer’s logos and other necessary information. The color of the products can be basic (red and blue) or matched individually.

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low prices

Low prices

In addition to high quality, Alfainterplast offers its customers low prices for plastic boxes and other containers.

The fact is that the plastic manufactured by the company is recyclable. Thus, expensive oil is not used for the manufacture of containers. This significantly affects the price and is also important for environmental protection


Alfainterplast also offers the logo application service on plastic boxes or other containers. It will be additional reminder on your trademark.


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