Новина від 3 February 2019

Alfainterplast Ltd. represented by: director –Skopiuk V.P., manufacturing director –Skopiuk R.P. and sales manager – Prots V.I. together with the representatives of Volyn Chamber of Commerce and Industry visited “CENTRAL AGRICULTURAL exhibition 2019” in Warsaw, Poland, which was held on February 01-03, 2019.

A wide range of agricultural machinery, products for agricultural industry and food products were demonstrated there.

The theme of this fair is “Farm for the future – Modern technologies.”

6 thematic sectors were represented at the exhibition:

  1. Exposition of farm animals with the support of key associations of the cattle breeders, horse breeders, sheep breeders, alpaca breeders, as well as poultry breeders.
  2. Products for agricultural industry:

– fertilizers, plant protection products, commercial feeds and certified seeds.

3. Exhibition of quality food products.

Promotion sector of Polish key agri-food branches (including the following sectors: dairy, fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, pork, beef, poultry, lamb and other food products) will be organized in cooperation with the leading organizations and self-governing bodies of the agricultural producers and private entrepreneurs.

4. Agricultural machinery.

The exhibition made it possible to get acquainted with the latest machinery and equipment used in agricultural industry, horticulture, as well as in animal breeding and plant growing: tractors, combine harvesters, ploughs, seeding machines, fertilizer spreaders, field and garden sprayers, public works trucks, crushing plants, fodder wagons, manure spreaders, roll winding machines, straw choppers and pressing machines, equipment for cow-houses and pig houses.

5. Smart farming of the future.

Demonstration of the innovative technologies based on two small farms specializing in animal breeding and plant growing. The farms will be reconstructed and located on the territory of the exhibition hall.

6. Specialized agribusiness services and support.

It will be presented a wide range of services associated with production support, processing, sale and distribution of agri-food products, as well as special export financing facility and investment raising instrument, including opportunities for cooperation with the government agencies.

The purpose of exhibition was to create a space for business meetings at the international level, as well as to strengthen existing business relations.

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