The 8th Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs, Rivne

Новина від 10 October 2019

The 8th Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs took place on the 10th of October in Rivne.

Audience of the event – brewers, technologists of brewing enterprises, representatives of beer trade, restaurateurs, masterchefs of beer restaurants from all over Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Belgium and other countries, as well as manufacturers from Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

The basic themes of the conference day were: technological improvement of brewing industry, economy of own brewing business, marketing and sales strategy, development of beer consumption culture, winning of domestic market share and export exit.

There was traditional exhibition of equipment, technologies, raw materials and auxiliary materials of brewing business, which was attended by representatives of Alfainterplast Ltd. Innovative solutions will be represented by native and European companies.

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