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Новина від 3 September 2019

Limited liability company “Alfainterplast” has been in business of the package production for various products for more than 20 years.

In April 1994, the company “Alfainterplast” has been registered by the Executive Committee of Lutsk City Council of People’s Deputies. At present the company founder is “MAPRO” Ltd, situated in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The company assets – 100% foreign capital.

We were able to communicate with the partners of “Alfainterplast” to make sure that the company works in a quality and transparent manner.

Olena Panchenko, a Director of Supply of the holding company “Bread Investments” said that they have been cooperating with Alfainterplast for more than 10 years: “Over the years, the companies have formed good partnerships. Throughout our cooperation, Alfainterplast has proven itself to be a reliable and stable company that is able to fulfill the business terms and conditions under any circumstances. For the company “Teremno”, the product quality is one of the most important priorities, so we choose all our suppliers with special attention. We are planning to be partnering with Alfainterplast in the future.

In the words of Mykola Tymoshevych, an Executive Director of the company  “Dmytruk”, Alfainterplast is a partner which always has respect for its promise:

“Our reliable partnership with a team of Alfainterplast Ltd lasts many years. The company is a partner which always has respect for its promise; consequently it allows us to work closely and comfortably together. Its values and business philosophy are very close to us. The company is a loyal and reliable professional of its business”.

As Dmytro Tkachev, Senior Purchasing Manager of the company “Zabiiaka” LLC told, Alfainterplast is a great company, a reliable partner, with the best prices and quality, as well as with the fast order schedules:

“We have been working for more than 5 years, and during this time there were no misunderstandings. Everything is always at the highest levels. We will continue our cooperation in the following years. We are planning to ramp up our production. And it will have a direct influence on the expansion of our cooperation with the company Alfainterplast”.

Continuing to take care about the product quality and trying to justify the partners’ confidence, Alfainterplast management has scheduled the capital repairs with a replacement of the equipment with the fully automatic production line. But more on that later.

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