Berries of Ukraine-2018: Frozen Produce & Fresh Market

Новина від 25 May 2018

Alfainterplast Ltd. represented by Skopiuk V.P. (Director of the company) and Prots V.I. (administrative job manager) visited the conference “Berries of Ukraine-2018: Frozen Produce & Fresh Market”, which took place on May 24-25, Dnipro, Ukraine. The conference took place in a two-day format: May 24 for conference session and May 25 for the practical business-tour to the company Agrosilprom, one of the leading berry companies.

Within the framework of business-tour the participants of the conference learnt more about production and marketing of greenhouse strawberries and table grapes as well as field-grown redcurrants, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.

The conference itself had a focus on the prospects and trends in the segments of all berry crops grown in Ukraine: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, red- and blackcurrants, gooseberries, rose hips, seaberries, sweet and sour cherries, honeysuckles, cornelian cherries, etc.

As part of the business program of the event, the participants received comprehensive information from leading industry experts. The conference business program covered the following topics:

Ukrainian berry and cherry production and price forecast for 2018;

European berry market;

Export of fresh and frozen berries. How have the priorities changed?

Ukrainian organic berry market, development outlook, key accents;

Greenhouse berry production efficiency in Ukraine;

Berry production technologies in Ukraine;

Right approaches to select a variety and berry plants;

Everbearing raspberries, strawberries as viewed by professionals;

Berry production agrochemical support;

Machinery for berry plantations;

Berry processing in details;

Post-harvest handling technologies and packaging for berries;

Key sales channels for fresh and frozen berries in Ukraine. Domestic and export markets;

Collaboration with retail.

Key conference audience: berry and cherry growers (more than 50%), processing companies, representatives of wholesalers, retailers, suppliers of plants, agricultural chemistry, machinery and equipment for post-harvest handling, cooling, packaging and processing of berry crops. Altogether, above 220 delegates from 8-10 countries of the world took part in this conference.

In the program of the conference “Berries of Ukraine-2018: Frozen Produce and Fresh Market,” the participants had the opportunity to make a 25-minute speech.

Alfainterplast Ltd. represented by the director Skopiuk V.P. also had such opportunity. During his speech Skopiuk V.P. represented all necessary information and all types of boxes of the company. But according to the subject of the conference a special attention was paid to the berry boxes, in particular type OZN and OZM.

This event provided an opportunity to establish business contacts; the ways of further cooperation with various domestic and international representatives of enterprises were discussed; and exchange of best practices with participants of the conference was carried out: Volodymyr Voievodin, a special purpose crop expert of the company “Syngenta”; Oleg Bosyi, a berry market expert; Taras Bashtannyk, a company director “Ukrainian berry”; Yurii Bilichenko, a company director “Rozdolne” and other representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises – berry and cherry growers.

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